Creative Destruction

Creative Destruction :: a painting series by Zalman Berkowitz.

Each of these works is missing a key ingredient: YOU.

These works are incomplete and require participation to realize the vision. There are hidden structures buried with layers of paint and torn strips of tape. The image is completed and the painting realized when the tape is removed by the receiver of the painting. In this way, destruction of the surface creates the finished image, and the viewer becomes a participant in the unfolding artistic process.

How’s that for radical inclusiveness? Enjoy!

CD26makesCents CD27spaceman CD28threesum CD29wetrust



Apocalypse Series by Zalman Berkowitz
Apocalypse Series by Zalman Berkowitz


Creative Destructions aka “Apocalypse Painting Series Art Statement


Some of my favorite responses to the request to pull tape:

“nope. it’s not quite time yet.”

“I didn’t want to break up the triangle…”

“interesting problem: what does one do when presented with something beautiful and told they can change it… what if I don’t like it as much as before? what if I like it better?”

“…I should wait for my (partner), they would enjoy this too and I would like to experience this with them… then I pulled them all right away because that is my nature…”

-Why did you curl the tape up on the surface? “…this way I can put it back if I don’t like it.”

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